Featured Paintings

A Splash of Black 1 Painting
A Splash of Black 1 Painting $200.00
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Cedar Painting
Cedar Painting $230.00
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Coffee Aluminium Painting
Coffee Aluminium Painting $230.00
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Figures in Gold Painting
Figures in Gold Painting $230.00
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Forest Lights Painting
Forest Lights Painting $350.00
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Old Paris Town Painting
Old Paris Town Painting $350.00
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Pooch Painting
Pooch Painting $200.00
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Poppies 1 Painting
Poppies 1 Painting $230.00
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Silver Forest Painting
Silver Forest Painting $350.00
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The Mare Painting
The Mare Painting $380.00
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Times square
Times square $250.00
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Volcano 1 Painting
Volcano 1 Painting $350.00
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We sell oil paintings...hundreds of original and quality hand painted oil paintings.

  • We sell to home owners, businesses, interior designers, decorators, hospitality businesses and industry clients.
  • The works we sell are made by professional artists with many years of experience.
  • 'oilpaintingsonline.com.au' is the exclusive Australian distributor for these paintings.
  • Our prices are competitive and the quality is quite exceptional.
  • The paintings are eco friendly and cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.
  • We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectation because our business is largely word of mouth.

  • Hundreds of oil paintings to select from ranging from 30x30cm to 160x80cm. 
    Offering over 900 options! 
    The styles range from abstract, streetscape, seaview, animals, trees, Buddha, flowers and figures. 
    They are available on canvas, aluminium, hessian, linen, resin and bark surfaces.
    All our prices include GST.
    We include FREE DELIVERY throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan Region